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Telehealth Physical Therapy

Hands On Physical Therapy is adapting to the times.

During this unprecedented pandemic, we must find new and innovative ways to deliver care. Although not new to other health care professionals, TeleHealth is a new delivery system for the care we provide as Physical Therapists.  Read more for description and benefits.

What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy services that are provided over an audio and video platform that you can participate in from the comfort of your home or office vs. in our clinic.

All you need is your camera / smartphone and a space to move around in.

Telehealth benefits you because:

  • It is convenient and cost saving:   You don’t have to spend time traveling to your Physical Therapy clinic for your appointment thus saving time and money
  • It is Safe:  In today’s current crisis, it may not be safe for you to come into contact with others,  thus receiving care from the comfort and safety of your home is ideal.
  • It is a great way to receive expert advice from one of our Physical Therapists in real time about your current Physical Therapy treatment whether this is a new injury or a long standing condition.
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All Your Telehealth Questions Answered:

What is needed to participate in a Telehealth Appointment?

  1. A camera from your Smart phone, tablet, or computer (preferable a lap top)
  2. A little space to be able to move around and exercise in 
  3. Depending on your goals for the appointment, sometimes the presence of a spouse, family member or friend is needed to help assist in a technique or aim the camera at you while we assess you

What types of “Treatment” can be done virtually through a Telehealth Physical Therapy Appointment?

  1. For our current patients, we can review, advance or guide you regarding your individualized and current exercise program to allow you to continue to progress in your rehab.
  2. For those current patients whose Physical Therapy hadn’t yet progressed to an exercise program, we can now tailor an exercise program to your specific needs given your injury or condition.  We can email you pictures and instructions of the exercises we discuss
  3. For current and new patients we can instruct you in stretches, exercises or techniques to help relieve your pain
  4. We can evaluate and advise you on your favorite  on-line exercise program to make sure you are using the correct form and doing the best exercises for your specific condition.  In the wonderful age of the internet, there is a plethora of exercise classes and programs easily accessible and free.  They are instructed without specific injuries in mind and they can not give you advice regarding your form or lack of. Certain exercises may be contraindicated for your personal condition.  There sadly is not a “one size fits all” exercise approach. Although movement is good and we encourage you to keep moving, do listen to your body and take note of, and ask about any exercises which are bothering you, as these may be causing you more harm than good.  
  5. We can teach you or a loved one simple taping techniques for your specific needs to help you decrease your pain and support your body.
  6. We can advise you on best Postures and Ergonomic Set-ups:
    • While sitting and working at your desk (whether you are a student, executive or web surfer or…..)
    • While working at your work bench or performing a favorite hobby
    • While performing housework or gardening chores
    • While sitting in your favorite chair
    • While lying in your bed.  (if you are someone who wakes up in pain, having us evaluate your posture in YOUR bed and with YOUR pillow is extremely beneficial and something we can only verbally advise you on without a Telehealth session)

Please note for evaluation of ergonomics or postures you will either need a loved one aiming  the camera of your phone, tablet or lap top on you or be able to prop up your device so we are able to visualize these activities.

Is Insurance paying for Telehealth Appointments?

Yes, most commercial insurance companies, including Medicare, are covering Telehealth Physical Therapy. Additionally, they are currently covering  it at the same rate as an in-office visit.

In this current pandemic, the insurance companies have been quick to add Physical Therapy to the list of medical practitioners who are allowed to perform Telehealth appointments. However, we always advise you to call your insurance company and verify your benefits and co-pays.

Will Hands On Physical Therapy bill insurance companies for the Telehealth appointments?

Yes.  Just like an in office appointment, we will bill your insurance company and collect your co-pay at the time of service.

What if I don’t have insurance and need to pay cash for a Telehealth Appointment. Do you offer a cash pay discount?

If you do not have insurance we do offer a cash pay discount that is due at the time of the TeleHealth visit.

Once Scheduled for a Telehealth Appointment here is what will happen:

Unless other arrangements have been made, on the date of your appointment please call 

541-312-2252   five minutes before your scheduled appointment.  At this time we will collect your co-pay and give you the online link to access our secure, HIPPA compliant Telehealth portal.

Once you log into that link, you will go into a “virtual” waiting room until your Physical Therapist logs in to get you.