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We thank you for choosing Hands On Physical Therapy.  We look forward to working with you and playing a role in your recovery and on your journey to greater fitness and wellness.

Once you have called our office at 541-312-2252 to schedule your appointment, you will be sent a welcome email.  We are excited about this new stream lined registration process that will save paper and save you time in the office prior to your appointment.

Please give yourself about 20 minutes to fill in the demographic and insurance information. Please be as detailed as possible when explaining why you are seeking treatment.  Our goal is to provide the best treatment possible for you. Providing your Physical Therapist this information ahead of time, will help them to do so.


Appointment FAQ's

Please review our FAQ’s to be prepared for your first visit with us.


  1. Insurance card
  2. Photo ID: either your drivers license, passport, Student ID card
  3. Referral from your Physician (if you have one)  Prescriptions are not needed in order to be treated by a Physical Therapist in the State of Oregon.

However, if you are wanting your insurance to cover the cost of treatment, and your insurance company requires a prescription, you must bring it with you or have your Doctors office fax it to us at 541-312-8822.  Not all insurances require a prescription, but, for the ones that do, this is needed for them to pay for your treatment.

  • For Post operative Patients:  Please bring with you any list of precautions or post operative reports you may have received from your Physician.
  • For Scoliosis patients:  You will need your full spine x-rays.  If an x-ray of your full spine has been taken here in Central Oregon and it was placed on the PAC system, we will have immediate on-line access.  However, if you are coming from out of the area, you will need to get a copy of it from your provider and bring it with you on your first visit or have them mail it to our clinic ahead of time. If you have not yet had a full spine x-ray done in standing you will be needing one. This allows us to classify your curve type and determine which of the Schroth exercises is most appropriate for you.  The gold standard for Scoliosis imaging is to have a full view of your spine from the neck to the pelvis and to have it taken in  standing. Here in Central Oregon, the best place to have this done is at Desert Orthopedics. 


Please wear or bring comfortable clothing to your evaluation and visits.  If you are being seen for a hip, knee, or foot problem, please bring or wear shorts.  If you forget or don’t have any, we got you covered!  We do have an assortment of sizes, not very fashionable, but are happy to let you wear them during your appointment.

For our female Scoliosis and spine patients, please wear a bra or bathing suit top you will be comfortable in so that we can easily see your spine.

We kindly request that you refrain from wearing any perfume, hairspray or strong scents as we have some chemically sensitive staff and patients.                   


On your first appointment you will receive a Comprehensive Evaluation by a Licensed Physical Therapist.  This appointment will last roughly 60 minutes.  Your appointment will in a comfortable and spacious treatment room away from the gym so you will feel at ease, sharing your medical history.

The primary focus on your first visit is to perform as thorough an evaluation as possible!  We will be reviewing the medical history provided by you and your Physician if applicable.  We will be listening to what your goals and concerns are.  We will be assessing your posture, gait, range of motion and strength.  We will feel for joint limitations, muscle tightness and areas of pain.  We will do specific testing in the clinic appropriate for your symptoms to help us in diagnosing your condition.

We will review with you our findings, establish a treatment plan and with whatever time allows, start with some treatment.


Program FAQ's

Why Pilates classes over other exercise classes I could take?

  1. It’s a great form of exercise that allows you to strengthen many muscle groups at one time.  Pilates on equipment allows you to strengthen and tone your arms and legs all  while you are working on stabilizing and strengthening your core and focusing on improving your posture. 
  2. It allows for the deep core muscle strengthening often missed in other forms of exercise classes.
  3. It is an extremely safe form of exercise because you can exercise in neutral spine and be supported on the equipment if needed.
  4. It’s relaxing: Pilates is a great mind body exercise that allows you to focus on breath control and relaxation while you strengthen. You will also develop an improved body awareness through this form of exercise.
  5. You feel  rejuvenated and invigorated not exhausted when done, giving you plenty of energy to go into the office or take care of the kids and family

Why choose Hands On Pilates for your Pilates Classes?

  1. Incredible instructors who are attentive, focused and very knowledgeable making sure you are always in your best alignment for the exercise
  2. Small class sizes: Never over 4 people in a class allowing for that greater attention from the instructor
  3. Beautiful setting with State of the Art Balanced Body Equipment
  4. Instructors with many years of experience
  5. Program overseen by a Physical Therapist

Is Pilates just for woman?

Pilates is just as effective a form of exercise for men and women.  All human beings need to strengthen the core and improve posture.

Although the majority of the classes are filled with woman, you can find some men attending classes as well

Is Pilates just for woman? Without any prior Pilates Experience, can I jump into an existing Pilates Class or do I need a private Lesson first?

If you have never been on Pilates Equipment, it is highly encouraged that you sign up for 1 or 2 private lessons before beginning a class.  This way you will get some individualized attention and instruction on how to pull in your core abdominal muscles to maximize your time on the equipment.  It will also allow you to be placed into the best class for you situation.

If I have a spine condition and have pain, would it be best to see a Physical Therapist first or just sign up for a Pilates class?

If you are currently having pain, yes you should first see a Physical Therapist.  At Hands On Physical Therapy, Lisa Kennedy-Leary is a Physical Therapist who specializes in Spinal Conditions and who is trained in Pilates.  She will help you get control of your pain and will even begin the process of strengthening on the Pilates Equipment.  While you are in her care and her expertise is needed, Pilates will be covered under most insurances.  When her skills are no longer needed and you pain is under control, you can then move into a Pilates class at Hands On Pilates.

About Our General Pilates Classes

Our Hands On Pilates Reformer Classes are perfect for you if you are looking for an exercise program in which the focus is on strengthening the core, improving your posture all while you are toning and strengthening your arms and legs.

Unlike mat Pilates classes, our Pilates classes are mostly taught on Pilates equipment. We utilize Equipment made by Balanced Body such as reformers, chairs, and core align machines.  On the equipment, there are various strengths of springs to allow you to find the tension that is just right for your level of strength. Because of the spring tension, you are able to create resistance for your arms and legs muscles allowing localized strengthening and toning of these muscles.  The tension in the springs also allows for a greater challenge for the core.  On the equipment, you will assume various positions such as standing, kneeling, supine, or prone over a box allowing you to  challenge the core in many different positions

What is the “core” and why  is strengthening the core so important you might ask?

When we speak about the core we are speaking about the innermost muscles.  Some of the key core muscles are the Transversus abdominus,  the deep spine muscles known as the multifidus and the pelvic floor.  Together these muscles create a cylinder of support much like a corset.   

Everyone, at every age, benefits from a strong core.  With a strong core, sports are enhanced, appearance is improved, pain, if present is reduced, the chance of spine injury is lessened.

About Our Scoliosis Pilates Classes

Our Hands On Pilates class for Scoliosis is a great compliment to the Schroth Exercises for Scoliosis!!!

This is a great safe class for those with Scoliosis wanting to do more than just the Schroth exercises to help strengthen the core and improve posture.

Plus this is a great way to meet and exercise with others going through many of the same challenges.

Combining the knowledge and training in the Schroth Method for Scoliosis together with the Pilates method Lisa has hand selected appropriate Pilates exercises safe for the Scoliotic spine. She has tailored some of the traditional reformer and core align exercises to incorporate some of the Schroth principals taking them to a new level and making these more dynamic and fun.

The class size is limited to 3-4 People to allow for closer observation and cueing for best performance

(this class is only open for those who have gone through Rehab at Hands On Physical Therapy and have learned the Schroth Method)

About Our Post Pregnancy Pilates Classes

At Hands On Physical Therapy, we have a program designed just for woman following pregnancy.  Because the core muscles become overstretched and weak during the 9 months of pregnancy this can lead to back pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction. It is essential that woman start strengthening  these muscles as soon as possible post delivery.    Strengthening through Pilates exercises is an effective and safe way to do so. Because at our studio we have licensed Physical Therapists and Assistants teaching the classes,  we feel we are the best place to do this. 

Work out with other Mom’s sharing similar concerns and excitement.


Your core goes through a lot during pregnancy.  It is no wonder there is weakness and lack of tone after childbirth.  Depending on the size of the baby and the circumstances of the birth you may also be experiencing some mild urinary incontinence symptoms, maybe you are having pain?

Let us help you restore your core and get your abdominal muscle strength and tone back and help strengthen your pelvic floor!

Patient Satisfaction Survey:

We would be very appreciative of you taking the time to give us your feedback.

Download the form below – fill it out on your computer and send it back to us via email!

Download Our Patient Satisfaction Survey Here

Our goal is to provide the best Physical Therapy service/experience possible.  Please let us know if we are accomplishing this so we will keep up the good work. And,  If you have any suggestions for improvement we are all ears. 

To thank you for your time, you will receive a drawstring backpack for your efforts.

If you were happy with our services and would like to write us a testimonial, we would be thrilled to post it.  Please either send us an email or fill one out in the clinic.

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