Having sustained multiple fractures to my leg, arm, hip and neck in a major automobile accident, I underwent significant rehabilitation after months of immobility.  When I came to Hands-On, I had been “walking” for months, and I had been told that, given my injuries, my gait and movement would be compromised.  I hobbled and limped.  I was in constant pain.  Because I had not been trained to be aware of body mechanics, I could not use my body efficiently, so I often aggravated my existing injuries—or I created new ones. 

With the attentive guidance, progressive therapy, and stable encouragement of Hands-On therapists and staff, I have been able to manage my pain while fully engaging in both my work and my recreational activities.  Individualized exercises have helped me build core muscles and use my body effectively so that I have more power and greater stamina.  Therapeutic sessions, along with kinesio-taping techniques, have helped me enjoy a vital life, where I can move with confidence as well as ease.  Most importantly, Hands-On therapists and staff provide a positive environment where health and healing are nurtured.  In their care, I have learned that I can, despite my core injuries and degenerative conditions, improve the quality of my life.  

L. Bouknight

I have been a client for almost two years and Lisa has changed my life. I have scoliosis and was having severe back pain. Everyone in the office cares about each and every one of their clients. Stacy, Sandy, Mary and the crew - love all of them!

B. Reisinger

Hands On Physical Therapy has revolutionized my life.  Lisa Kennedy-Leary is a Schroth (treatment for scoliosis) expert, and her knowledge and ingenious appraisal of my physical conformation and habits are helping me to reassess my entire posture.  PT assistant Stacey Allen continues Lisa's work extremely effectively.  Both women are extremely friendly and accommodating: they listen to their patients and assess their needs expertly.  The experience I've had with Hands On is the most complete, most life-improving experience I've ever had with physical therapy.  I give my highest recommendation to the stellar treatment I've received there.


I have been a patient at HOPT for a little over a year.  I have had a long history of back pain due to Scoliosis and have tried physical therapy many times over the past 50+ years since my diagnosis. I have finally been taught exercises from Lisa that have specifically addressed my needs and have helped  me learn what to do to help reduce my back pain, improve my posture, and learn how to make adjustments in my day to day activities. I especially feel that Lisa listens well to all my concerns and treats my “whole-self”, not just my back. And the staff at HOPT are wonderful……they are very helpful and very friendly. I appreciate them all so much and I am very thankful I found HOPT.

K. Stiehl

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