Stephen Leary, PT

With over 22 years of clinical experience and hands on knowledge of manual therapy and biomechanics, Steve thrives on tailoring individual treatment programs for his patients in order to help them achieve optimal health and well-being. Steve understands that there is no "one" right approach that is correct for everyone, and instead takes a comprehensive look at the whole body to provide lasting results for each individual in treatment. Steve feels that viewing each patient's problems as unique leads to high level, lasting outcomes.

As an accomplished collegiate distance runner, Steve’s love of running has spurred on his extensive study of biomechanics. With his trained eye and the use of Dartfish computerized video motion analysis when needed, he is an expert in identifying the movement dysfunction of the athlete and non-athlete alike – the very factors that can lead to pain, training faults, and injury. Steve continues to be active in athletics and enjoys helping patients of all ability levels return to their peak performance potential.

Steve's love of surfing and stand up paddling (SUP), has led to his recent interest and extensive research into the biomechanics involved in not just SUP, but also outrigger paddling as well.

Steve graduated from California State University at Long Beach in 1992 with degrees in Physical Therapy and Psychology. With a commitment to continuous learning, he has attended and continues to attend numerous upper-level Manual Therapy, Functional Movement, Biomechanics, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and Sport Specific Biomechanics classes, courses, and seminars.

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