Scoliosis Treatment

At Hands On Physical Therapy, we are committed  to compassionately helping our patients live optimally with scoliosis.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have lived with scoliosis for years, you can dramatically benefit from this conservative approach.

Our Treatment approach is based on the Schroth Method.  It is an Exercise approach specific to ones Scoliosis Curve Pattern. This method can be used alone or with bracing.  The goal of the exercises are to teach improved posture and movement to interrupt the asymmetric loading on the spine which occurs with Scoliosis.  By shifting the forces that act on your spine you can achieve greater health, posture and well being.

Schroth Method

The Schroth Method has been successfully used to treat Scoliosis in Germany since the 1920's. It was introduced in the United States in 2005.  Slowly Physical Therapists are being trained in this technique and it is changing the "wait, watch and see" approach that has been utilized in the United States.  Patients and families are eager to find a more proactive approach to prevent curve progression. The Schroth Method offers this approach.

How It Works

The first visit will include a thorough Physical Therapy Evaluation that will consist of an orthopedic examination, posture assessment, x-ray review and assessment, and curve classification.  (please note: a standing full spine x-ray is needed to properly determine the curve classification.) After educating the patient regarding findings and teaching them about Scoliosis and the Schroth Method, exercise training can begin.  The Physical Therapist will teach Curve specific exercises. through the repetitious performance of these exercises in the positions, the body's weaknesses and strengths will be challenged.  the Goal is to change the asymmetric forces of the spine through consistent practice of the improved posture, and through the use of proper body mechanics.

Lisa Kennedy-Leary, PT

Lisa has been practicing as a Physical Therapist since 1991.  Lisa seeks out the most effective treatment methods and has attended numerous continuing education courses throughout her career.  Recognizing a need for a more effective way to treat patients with Scoliosis, she sought out the Schroth Method.  With her advanced training through the world renowned Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS), Lisa joins a small elite group of Physical Therapists in the US who are certified to practice this method.

To learn more about this method and how Physical Therapy may help with your Scoliosis, schedule your evaluation today.

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