Marjorie S. Miner, PT

Marjorie Miner comes to us from Upstate New York.  Marjorie received her Physical Therapy degree from Russell Sage College in New York in 1986. Yearning for more knowledge, she earned a postgraduate certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 2010.  She has a varied Physical Therapy background with strong emphasis in Manual Therapy techniques for the Spine.

Like many of us Marjorie has chosen to call Central Oregon home, so that she can enjoy the many outdoor activities it offers.  She enjoys hiking, kayaking and camping.  She looks forward to volunteering  with local therapeutic riding facilities and appreciates the benefits that horses have to offer children and adults.  As a runner and cyclist, Marjorie offers personal experience with the unique challenges imposed by these athletic activities.   She incorporates the lessons learned in her active lifestyle to help others retrain and restore the body to the most optimal alignment and pain-free function.  

As in keeping with the treatment philosophy at Hands On Physical Therapy, Marjorie incorporates a wide array of treatment techniques.  Yet, she feels one of the most effective tools may be the patient themselves.  She believes that if we truly listen to the patient they will provide the insight needed to allow us to help them rehabilitate their injuries. 

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