Lisa Kennedy-Leary, PT

Lisa could not have selected a more suitable career.  She loves being a Physical Therapist and the fulfillment provided by helping others reach their goals.  Lisa has a comprehensive hands-on treatment approach that draws from over 18 years of clinical experience, including numerous manual therapy continuing education courses.  Utilizing a detail oriented, problem solving approach, she addresses the cause of the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms.  She works closely with each patient to establish an exercise and treatment program that is both highly effective and motivating.  This all-inclusive approach helps to assure the best possible outcome for each of her patients. 

As a graduate of the Physical Therapy program at California State University at Long Beach, Lisa realized early in her career the importance of staying at the leading edge of the Physical Therapy field.  She regularly attends educational courses on manual therapy techniques, taping, biomechanical assessment, functional and sport specific exercise, and orthotic fabrication.

In 2000, Lisa successfully completed the renowned Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation program in Boulder, Colorado.  As a result, she often combines her skills as a Physical Therapist with her expertise in this intensive core strengthening technique to provide exceptional treatment, and to promote optimal health and well being for her patients.  She finds that her Physical Therapy background and biomechanical training give her an edge over many Pilates instructors.  As a mother of three, Lisa has personally found the core strengthening obtained through Pilates to be an excellent way to recover from some of the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.  This is a patient population that is near and dear to her heart, and she enjoys helping other women achieve similar positive outcomes.

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