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Fix the Swing by Restoring the Bodyís Function

Can you envision a new way to improve your score that has nothing to do with the latest clubs? Itís all within you Ė literally. Itís the way you move, or perhaps the way you donít move. As a Physical Therapists focusing on functional biomechanics, Steve Leary, PT knows that if your hip is bothering you (even if just slightly) your entire posture will subtly shift to protect it. This shift can throw off your whole game from drive to chip to putt.

There are over 30 million  golfers worldwide. Golfers spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on equipment and training aids. The one  consistent piece of equipment that will stay with the golfer throughout their life, is their body.

The golf swing is a rapid  athletic movement which requires muscles to fire  in a coordinated, sequential and synchronous movement. 

Without proper conditioning the golf game is little more than raw talent with some expensive equipment thrown in.

Over the course of a lifetime, our bodies experience many obstacles,  injuries and compensations. Unlike other professions, a Physical Therapistís expertise lies in identifying those injuries/compensations and developing a treatment/training program to address those issues and maximize function and performance at the same time.

A Proper Conditioning Program
A proper conditioning program can enhance: motor control, movement patterns, static and dynamic balance (improving accuracy), joint and muscle flexibility (improving club swing range), strength and power (improving club head speed). Additionally, a proper conditioning program can improve endurance (allowing for more consistency through more holes of golf), decrease the risk of injury and/or improve the status of existing injury.

What Can You Expect to Gain From This Program?
Golfing is a proper combination of Strength, Range of Motion, Balance/Coordination, Appropriate Swing Mechanics and Good Physical Conditioning. The secret of a good golf swing does not lie entirely in the grip, nor the placement of the feet. The secret lies in how all of the muscles, joints and nerves function from the feet through the hands (i.e. a loss of range of motion in the foot will lead to restricted hip motion, which will affect shoulder posture and ultimately grip).

Following a comprehensive full body evaluation (with or without the use of video/computer analysis of the golf swing), a treatment and conditioning program will be developed. Each individual program will be tailored to the specific needs exposed through the evaluation.
Depending on the individual golferís desire, the conditioning/enhancement program can be developed to be performed at home, in the gym, here in the clinic and of course on the golf course.

Each program will consist of the following: 

  • Direct Physical Therapy Treatment to help restore joint mechanics and movement.
  • Range of Motion/Flexibility Training designed to improve club swing range, reduce the risk of injury and improve the overall comfort and enjoyment of a round of golf.
  •  Strength & Power Training tailored not only to core strength, but also extremity training to maximize the full bodyís contribution to the golf swing.
  • Balance & Coordination Training designed to enhance motor control and performance, movement patterns and the varying weight shifting required during take-away, forward swing, acceleration, early and late follow-through.
  •  Aerobic Conditioning designed to allow for improved endurance so that the above components can carry through each hole and each round of golf you play.
  •  Swing Mechanics. It goes without saying that if your golf specific strength, range of motion, balance and coordination are all improved, your golf swing will follow.
  • Video Swing Analysis (optional): Computer Video Swing analysis utilizing the Dartfish Analysis program is available upon request.

Although it is not a requirement, we strongly recommend that this program is taken on in conjunction with a Golf Pro. As a Physical Therapist my expertise lies in restoring/establishing proper joint mechanics and muscle function, which will lead to a consistently improved, stronger and sustainable golf swing ó a Golf Proís expertise lies in teaching you the nuances of that swing. We will gladly work with your Pro, and can make recommendations if you are not currently working with a Pro.

Call Hands On Physical Therapy today and schedule your golf enhancement evaluation.  Remember your body is your most important piece of equipment!  541-312-2252

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