Dave R. Zimmerman, BS

Dave graduated with a BS in Exercise Science from Michigan State University, and has been a Pilates instructor since 1997. Over the years, Dave has studied and practiced meditation and strength training, while competing in triathlons and other outdoor events. He has researched a broad spectrum of conditioning methods and mind-body awareness methods.

For 10 Years, Dave worked at the Marsh in Minnetonka, Minnesota, an internationally acclaimed mind/body facility, getting the chance to work with a wide variety of practitioners, from MDs to Acupuncturists. As a result, Pilates was a natural fit, as it incorporates neuromuscular education, as well as muscular strengthening and lengthening.

Dave states, I was immediately taken by Pilates: the combination of healthy movement, the spirit of play, the aesthetic beauty, and the development of awareness. These are such powerful tools in our work. I have found that it has made me more confident, safe, and able in my recreational activities, including mountain biking, snowboarding, canoeing, hiking, and trail running. I have been blessed for many years now to be able to watch Pilates change lives in both the clinical and studio settings. Watching someone's comfort level with their body change, watching them get more fit, and watching them continue or return to lifelong activities that they may have otherwise been restricted from, is a joy and an honor".

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